Are there any query strings to remove the right column and footer? (eg, ?hideFooter=1)

enter image description here

I know I can run javascript to hide divs eg:


However this question is about reducing the amount of HTML that is sent down the pipe. For example the page in the screenshot is a total 1406 lines of html..

Without Footer 1236
Without Hot Network Questions 1077
Without left column 926
Without Javascript 660

That's roughly 55% smaller.

To give you some context this is about processing Stackoverflow pages for automated lookup's (not to create a duplicate site). Thats why using Javascript defeats the point as a WebClient or HttpWebRequest or whatever will download everything, hidden or not.

I also understand I can use the Stackoverflow API but that isn't what I want.

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You could use the mobile view, scroll down to the footer and click "mobile":

enter image description here

This gives a much more cut-down full width view of the page. It doesn't change the URL, but appears to set the theme cookie for the site to 2 so I guess you could do this in a script.

enter image description here

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