I see many questions in SO that are related to what a few months ago was:

"nothing to do with programming language"

Where was this flag moved? I can't see it anymore.

The only option I have is to close the question and give some description, but since the frequency is quite high, it must be somewhere else.


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You're thinking of the "blatantly off-topic" flag reason:

Blatantly off-topic - this question has nothing to do with $Topic

Users with less than 3k rep can't close vote, but are given the ability to close flag instead. This has no effect on how many close votes the question has, but if it's not already there, a close flag will push a post into the Close Votes review queue.

Close flags are not available to users with more than 3k rep; they're converted automatically into close votes. Additionally, the "blatantly off-topic" flag option is converted into the custom close vote reason.

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