Probably related to Documentation: moved an example - the topic is now bugged/unavailable.

I edited in a synopsis to Running repair on Cassandra, and then I realised there's already a similar topic with better examples: Examples for running nodetool repaid, so amended my draft to move the exmaple there, deleting that topic. I continued to edit the draft, so that I could copy my changes to synopsis to the other topic.

However, then I realised this rendered the draft's text-areas unclickable, preventing me from easily copying the changes. I discarded the draft to get the original changes and then do the whole thing again. However, now I just get an error, for both topics! :(

Fortunately, both links work in incognito, so hopefully it's something specific to my account and the edits I tried.

Update: My earlier edit has since been approved, I can now access the first topic, but the second topic is still inaccessible.



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