On Stack Overflow I can search questions that have all of the specified tags by entering, in the search area:


Which leads to a URL like:


Note that in that page the tab selected by default is "active".

If I now navigate among the tabs, for example the "vote" one, I get


And all the displayed questions have both tags, as expected. This behavior is shared by all tags, but the "unanswered" one. Clicking on it yield the URL:


But the questions displayed here are only having the latter of the specified tags, not both.

This has been reported already for example here, but even if it's possible to achieve the result in the way specified there, which BTW is VERY complicated, the behavior in both the clicking on tabs and URL parsing for unanswered feels wrong. Perhaps we should change the link on clicking the unanswered tab to repoint to the complicated version?


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Historically, the "unanswered" tab functioned as "or", not "and" (by default). I agree that this is very confusing, and should be improved. As a secondary bug, note that the tag-map also works incorrectly as a result - if I search for xslt, the tag-map shows the intersection with other tags:

enter image description here

This suggests that if I click on java I'm going to filter down to the 361 questions, but instead I get xslt+java for 308k+ questions, because it is doing an "or".

My view is that we should challenge the existing state that /unanswered defaults to "or". I will try to check the origins, but I wonder whether this relates to the tab=mytags feature, but if that is the origin, that can be trivially fixed by having the expansion include the implied "or".

The alternative fix would be for the tab-links (including "unanswered") to include explicit combiners (using whatever the implied one is for that page), so that when you navigate away you retain the same combiner - and for the tag map to always append "and {foo}" rather than just "{foo}". Standardising on a single default behaviour would be simpler, cleaner and more intuitive IMO, though.

  • I'll assign the correct answer to this one, and move it if something better comes along as answer (possibly someone actually having found the source?) Commented Nov 1, 2016 at 12:44
  • 1
    @DiegoMartinoia oh, I've absolutely found the cause - I've even written up notes on which lines need changing; I want to discuss the proposed changes with some folks, though, as it will change the long-established behavior of that page. I want to run it past folks, is all. Unfortunately, most folks are at a company meetup this week. Commented Nov 1, 2016 at 14:37
  • ok sorry, I misunderstood the line :) Commented Nov 2, 2016 at 11:51

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