I've seen a lot of questions (example) get approved as documentation, and they follow a distinct pattern, so I'm suggesting that there be a type of audit task in documentation that attempts to ask a programming question. My imagined steps for creating these tasks are this:

  1. Take a zero-scoring but open question from Q&A (the questions posted in Documentation seem to be very similar to these).
  2. Create a new topic with the code blocks from the questions inside examples. The example titles would be the last sentences before the respective code blocks, or "Code" if it's at the beginning.
  3. Add the body of the question (without code blocks) in the Remarks section.
  4. Use the title of the question as the topic title.

Dev Edit: This suggestion has been implemented

I agree with this, but I think we need to go further than that.

I think that the following Reject reason (based on "Attempt to Reply" in Suggested Edits, and the "Not an Answer" flag) should be added (title by J F):

Not Documentation
This change does not attempt to improve the topic, and only asks about it. It should be an improvement request, or a question posted in Q&A.


Some examples of this problem (that didn’t make it through, fortunately!):


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