I am working on a project where I would like to show graphically when an user won a preselected badge, sorted by date...

Something like this:

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If you visit your profile and then click on the badges tab, each badge will provide a link of the form //stackoverflow.com/help/badges/{badgeId}/{badgeName_optional}?userid={userId}. Following one of these links gives you a list of when those badges were awarded. For example, a list of when I was awarded a Reviewer badge. I don't know if there is an API for this, but the information is there in the DOM.

Tunaki did some digging and found an API that lets you retrieve a list of badges associated with a user. According to the API documentation, it can even let you sort or filter by badge characteristics, but it's certainly capable of fetching all the badges a specific user has earned. The handy demo UI suggests using this link to see all your badges in a (slightly cluttered) object:



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