I thought that an unupvote is only possible within grace period or after an edit, see Why this odd unupvote occurrence:

Normally votes are locked after a short grace period, but if you edited the post after a vote has been cast, the voter can retract the vote at any time afterwards. Sometimes that can be a long time afterwards.

but I get an unupvote after some weeks without an edit:


Has it something to do with the reversal in the same minute? Or is there another possibility to unupvote?


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This is a manual intervention, by a developer or perhaps a moderator. (Not sure if moderators can do this too).

I've had a similar case - I was serially downvoted, and not all downvotes were reversed by the script. I then alerted SO to the issue, and the remaining serial downvotes got "undownvote" afterwards.

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    Moderators cant do this, Only Community Managers can. (I think by developer, you meant Community Manager) Commented Feb 1, 2017 at 8:36

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