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Sometimes I see an answer on SO that is grayed out. Is this done by the author or moderators? Why is it done? What is the difference in rationale between graying out an answer and deleting it?

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    @Stijn How did you find that question? I searched meta with almost the exact wording and nothing came up... – mhatch Oct 17 '16 at 14:21
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    I used Google to search for it, you'll nearly always get better results than with the built-in search. – user247702 Oct 17 '16 at 14:29

It is done automatically, when an answer score (upvotes - downvotes) falls to -3 and below.

The idea is that the community has voted these to be bad answers, and therefore they are greyed out to de-emphasise them.

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    Perhaps worth noting that on Meta, the threshold is set at -8. – user247702 Oct 17 '16 at 14:17

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