I have edited this post to improve formatting at 2016-10-12 14:34:04Z and that was rejected after 3 hours (2016-10-12 17:23:50Z) by Community♦ as conflicted with a subsequent edit.

See my edit status here.

I know that, if the full privileged user or owner of the post start editing at the same time I have started and submitted after I have submitted will result in conflict with a subsequent edit for me. But in my case, 2 users approved my edit and then after 3 hours it was rejected because of full privileged user edit.

Is it possible after 3 hours or is it a bug?


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The question ended up in the Help and Improvement review queue, where someone saw the same problems you did and made more or less the same fixes. See: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/40001119/timeline


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