I set my location, website and GitHub profile, leaving Twitter empty. The timeline looks like:

NorthPole https://foo.bar twitter_logo Twitter github_logo nicdumz

With AdBlock turned on, the .twitter-logo and .github-logo CSS classes do not show up, in turn rendering into:

NorthPole https://foo.bar Twitter nicdumz

In the current situation, it makes it look like nicdumz is my Twitter username, when it's actually my GitHub.

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  • I believe that Twitter text is there to remind you that you can add a Twitter handle and that it would show up there if you added it. It's actually a bit clearer on the actual page because of the Twitter icon to the left of the "Twitter", and the GitHub icon to the left of the GitHub user name. – Heretic Monkey Oct 21 '16 at 14:35

I've checked your dev story and it seems OK, without any Twitter mention. Can you still repro?

dev story

  • Missed the original answer/question. Edited the question to clarify. You're correct that the final, rendered profile is fine. The timeline, as shown in the edit UI though, is confusing – Nicolas Dumazet Mar 1 '17 at 2:43

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