I would like to ask the question about creating/validating selling model of the software. The question could be the following:

Our company is selling one software in two edition: - cheap one with basic features - expensive one with basic and advance features

According to sells statistic, more than 90% of people are buying the expensive one edition. I would like to know if the sells model is suitable. Isn't the expensive variant too cheap? I know that Microsoft is selling windows or office Home edition and Professional edition, but they don't sell more than 90% of in Professional edition.

According to the stackoverflow help I can ask question about a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development but I should ask question about questions about general computing hardware and software.

It seems to me that such product configuration is different in software development, because production price of creating software copy is same for cheap and expensive edition (which differs for example from automotive where production of luxury car is ore expensive).

Is there some recommended ration in sells for cheap and expensive edition of software to maximize revenue?

I believe that the question is practical and answerable and it is about software development, but I am not sure what exactly means general computing hardware and software.

It this question off-topic? If it is, on which Stack Exchange site does it belong?


This is a economics question about selling software.

It's off-topic for SO.
(And it is probably too broad, elsewhere)

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