I just got an email about my developer story CV thing, and I just so happen to have an update. However, I'm kind of spoiled for choice.

The strange thing is that Booking.com is a customer of yours, and you do have an icon for it, but somehow that is not an option here. (At the same time, "Booking.com BV" is closer to the actual legal name of the company, so...)

  • Unrelated: when I went to search for the company I page, "booking" was insufficient as a search query: you needed an exact match to show the relevant result. :/
    – badp
    Oct 11, 2016 at 19:36

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Thanks for reporting the issue. There is a lot of duplication :/

We've removed companies that don't appear on any Developer Story(~3K), but there is still more work to do as it hasn't fixed the example you provided. We've rolled out fixes to prioritise exact matches and also not to recommend companies that don't have an image and don't appear on any other Developer Story.

We're working on other improvements and ways to merge companies, and will be able to fix the exact problem you're seeing soon.


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