This is a follow-up question of Will Jobs.SO include intern jobs in the future?.

Today, I come across a intern job when browsing a question on SO. But when I try to search more intern jobs, I can't even find the original one in 'seniority:student' search or just 'internship' search. I also tried to search with location as here suggested but also fails.

Is there something wrong with searching of job?


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This job has been marked with seniority of Student but it is currently targeted to only be visible to candidates that are:

  • geo-located in Europe


  • have any country in Europe in their match preferences

If neither of those are true then the job is hidden from searches and browsing the job board. If you have the link to the job, maybe from Twitter or a Google search you can still visit it directly.

Your IP address does not resolve to Europe and your match preferences do not contain any countries in Europe, so the job doesn't appear when you search for it in /jobs.

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