I have two question about editing tags:

  1. How to list or see my tags that I edited?
  2. How to know if my edit is accepted or rejected?

You can see a list of suggested edits (including tag edits) in your profile:


Note that you can't filter out the suggested edits on posts, but once you reach 2000 reputation that's no longer a problem.

For the list of tags you edited, you can just look at the approved edits in this list, but once you reach 20k reputation you probably need to use something like this SEDE query, because tag edits are then no longer subject to approval.

SELECT t.tagname,
  CASE t.excerptpostid WHEN h.postid THEN 'Excerpt' ELSE 'Wiki' END,
  h.creationdate, h.text, h.comment
  FROM posthistory AS h
  INNER JOIN tags AS t
    ON t.excerptpostid = h.postid
    OR t.wikipostid = h.postid
  WHERE userid = ##UserId##
  ORDER BY creationdate DESC

Note that SEDE is updated only once a week, on Sunday morning.


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