The seems ambiguous to me. The excerpt from the tag Wiki states

A structured text file that provides build and installation information for a software to be packaged in an RPM with the rpmbuild command.

And the actual tag Wiki entry states

Specfiles are the files that tell the and programs which are the sources for one (or more than one) package, how to build, with which dependencies, where to install, additional scripts to execute on install/uninstall and so on.

Spec files are usually distributed within SRPM files, which contain the spec file packaged along with the source code.

However, the GCC driver also knows Spec Files to control the behavior of the backend tools (e.g. cc1, collect2). Same name, completely different scope.

It would seem to me (but I'm no tag expert) that it would make sense in a question to give either along with or along with to avoid ambiguity.

However, the tag Wiki still refers to just one particular use (RPM). And old some old questions may not have but may have or perhaps there are some that already used the tag in the GCC sense.

While GCC calls them "Spec Files" the suffix is commonly .specs, so adding or something like (or ) could be an option. Of course the former may create confusion with the existing . Last but not least one could split the tag into two and create and or similar.

So this is why I turn to the community to ask: how to proceed with a tag whose name could refer to multiple topics, but currently only one of these topics is covered according to the tag Wiki.


  • Historically, the community has made specific tags for this sort of thing (programmer pedantry being what it is). I personally prefer the additional tags, but it is what it is. Oct 6 '16 at 16:44
  • As there are just 35 questions, feel free to retag them into the correct tags, creating new tags as needed. The two tag approach seems fine to me. Mar 23 '19 at 12:10

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