Today we deleted this question that was tagged . The tag didn't have an excerpt at that time, so I added one to redirect general computing questions to either Super User or Apple.SE.

Given the special nature of the hardware, programming questions about that hardware are on-topic, so the tag is okay, as long as the questions address a programming issue.

There are a number of questions in and that are off-topic, like the example I showed earlier, or this one.

If you have some time left and flags or votes to spend, can you go over those 164 questions in and 129 questions in and moderate them accordingly? Some users have suggested to burninate the tag, but I'm not enough of an subject matter expert to make that call.

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    They said it can be cleaned using water i.sstatic.net/KiKdV.png Sep 24, 2016 at 13:44
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    Do you have any examples where those tags are relevant? I see questions about the operating system or Apple SDKs, but the device doesn't seem relevant to any of the questions I see so far. Wouldn't deleting the tags be better?
    – Jacob
    Sep 24, 2016 at 23:01
  • @Jacob I'm not into that stack at all but maybe this, although broad and this seems in scope. Feel free to write an answer that advocates burnination. I'm happy to put it on the socvr backlog in that case.
    – rene
    Sep 25, 2016 at 7:00
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    @rene Neither of those questions is actually specific to the MacBook Pro. In both cases, the OP was using a MacBook Pro, but the question would apply, respectively, to 1) any Mac and 2) any Mac with an nVidia graphics chip. (Which isn't even all MacBook Pros!)
    – user149341
    Sep 26, 2016 at 6:11
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    Seems more tied to the operating system than the hardware. For example the opencl question would probably have worked if a Linux distribution had been bootcamped onto the macbook. IMO, light a fire.
    – Gimby
    Sep 26, 2016 at 8:31
  • Also there is bootcamp tag that should also be burninated IMO Sep 6, 2017 at 15:55

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I would suspect that any programming issues would be related to the OS rather than the hardware, and even if it was the hardware it would be a specific chipset etc.

The "Macbook" or "Macbook Pro" merely represent a form-factor and have nothing to do with the components, depending on which variation someone purchases the components within each form-factor differ anyway (nVidia, AMD for retina/non-retina displays; SSD,HDD or Hybrid depending on which size etc.), and differ again dependant on which year the model was produced.

On this basis, I would suggest that there are no examples where or would be related to the programming element and should be burninated.


Here's a snapshot of questions with either tag from SEDE that may still need to be deleted (or even potentially salvaged, but I'm not holding my breath).

Closed already (please delete them if needed):
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/27196016 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/27949315 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/29551570 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/34431719 primarily opinion-based
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/32565228 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/37151231 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/26339773 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/32291115 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/10795663 primarily opinion-based
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/3887581 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/40925421 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/38659183 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/40458351 primarily opinion-based
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/45895149 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/31218148 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/31901470 duplicate
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/32630079 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/20162784 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/34691389 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/40458351 primarily opinion-based
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/40352316 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/18069471 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/32036953 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/34533821 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/4457500 too broad
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/22221799 duplicate
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/37831841 duplicate
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/22975104 off-topic
https://www.stackoverflow.com/q/7700155 too broad

Still open (need to be reviewed):
How to test pinch events on a web page on a Macbook
WPF - Two Finger Horizontal scrolling on Macbook pro trackpad
Flash webcam settings on macbook (and potentially other cameras)
OpenCV + Ubuntu 11.04 + Macbook Pro: Can't initialize webcam?
OpenCV- Webcam frame not working on macbook in Java
Macbook camera won't turn off and a minor C# aforge issue
Is there any API MacBook to get clamshell mode?
Bespin and Macbook scroll gestures
Capturing gestures from MacBook Pro touchpad with Flex (Flash)
VMware Fusion virtualization - Do dedicated graphics and disk RPM make much difference?
MacBook multi-touch pad, MouseEvent and JavaNativeExceptions
How do you control the Apple MacBook "Sleep" light?
Controlling Mac's front led
HTML5/Javascript - Is it possible to get the absolute coordinates of a touch event on a Macbook Trackpad in the browser?
Is there a way to access haptic trackpad feedback on the new MacBooks?
GLSL version on my macbook is not the same as one would expect
How to generate MD5 fingerprint using macbook 10.5.8 for Android?
body: overflow-x - still able to scroll over with trackpad
How to close NSWindow and remove the application Icon from dock menu, yet
Visual Studio source window and Bootcamp keyboard mapping
How to install weinre on mac?
Execute command just before Mac going to sleep
How can I change one single colour on Mac OS X screen (similar to invert colours)?
PHP Create outlook/thunderbird/macbook scripts to manage email accounts
dyld_shared_cache extract_dylibs failed with iPad4, Xcode4.2, MacBook
RoR - Discourse uninitialized constant JsLocaleHelper error
Turn on background color when highlighting with C-SPC on a mac?
html audio not working on macbook and ios, but works on imac -- weird
How do I set the UEFI memory map for a MacBook with Bad RAM?
TextField Keyboard bring me back to my first View
Second click not registering unless mouse moved - Chrome app on Macbook
git line-ending issues in macos
How to use shell_exec xampp php in a Mac
Android Studio in Mac, Cannot Paste Images to Res/Drawable
VIM exit's INSERT Mode when using Arrow Keys on Macbook AIr
JavaScript/HTML in browser on Mac
No such file or directory in MAC Terminal
Java Html Renderer on Macbook Bootcamp Windows
Xcode quits unexpectedly every time I open Xcode
Dead tab button in Visual Studio 2015
Macbook late 2011 Heating After installing SSD and RAM
How to get real element size on "retina" displays?
Testing a web app for macs - is IPad ok?
Uninstalling older java version from mac os x el capitan
Eclipse Palette unavailable
Android app running on device access localhost server (on MacBook) in my case
How to run Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 on MacBook Pro using VirtualBox?
Problems with downloading Composer (PHP) on Macbook?
Problems with installing Symfony 2?
Can't access "Applications" in Directory?
Get Macbook screen size from terminal/bash
Can't install Quartus II 13.0 SP1 on RedHat 6
How to determine which hardware I'm running on in MacOSX
Ghostscript not writable
Google Canary - on Macbook Air OSX 10.9.4 is giving error
Error (internetKeychainItemForServer:withUsername:path:port:protocol:) - The specified item could not be found in the keychain
How can I stop the IntelliJ icon in the dock from bouncing, without turning off bouncing for all applications
Connecting to sql server from mac
MacBook MediaQueries
Sublime Text autocomplete suggestions looks corrupt, how to fix?
Android developing from pc to Mac
Firebase - Developing locally with User Authentication on the iOS (MacBook)
Can't search app store while using Charles Proxy as proxy server
Use theano in a macbook pro without NVIDIA card
Is it normal that my 2015 macbook air having trouble at running a simple while loop?
ctrl + insert on a mac while connected using vim on a virtual machine running windows
How to know if the Mac has retina?
Mapping Super Keys to Control in xorg.conf?
Xcode won't compile or index project
cannot connect to host Virtualbox
How to dump and auto connect the wifi setting from MACBOOK?
How to take screen shot by command in Macbook via cronjob
Using Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc Windows 7 on MacBook Pro 15" (2010 model)
How to develop an iphone application on Windows OS?
How do I write to an NSObject from within a C function that doesn't see Obj-C variables?
Bad Results: time(NULL) and clock()
Eclipse won't recognize my android phone -> Can't debug
Is there a way to query the current brightness level of a the MacBook LCD?
Windows Mobile Development on MacBook Pro?
Silverlight development compability issues
Installing WWW-development system on Macbook
C and C++ programming on MacBook
OSX Leopard - throttle a shared internet connection
NoMachine NX 'p' key not working for Macbook Pro vs Fedora
Get the internal macbook screen with NSScreen
How to install JDK1.7 on Mac
Bad font in macOS Chrome
CentOS VM with Bridged Network Vhosts Can't Be Accessed
Installing Metasoploit Framework on Mac OSX Sierra
JetBrains products not showing FN keys on touchbar
Corrupt behavior of a primitive C program on a MacBook Pro, Windows XP, VS 2008 Express Edition
How to do OpenGL 3 programming on OS X with a GeForce 9400
Turning on encryption on SandForce controllers in OCZ SSDs
Macbook Pro running VMWare Fusion 4 on Native apple partition or Bootcamp partition?
CALayer rendering caused memory leak on new MacBook Pro with OSX 10.7.4
Is it possible to programmatically turn on the Macbook Pro's keyboard backlight for individual keys?
Minimum Bootcamp partition size for Windows development
With terminal on Macbook pro why can't I use the "delete button" to remove text on 'nled' command
Don't automatically switch to the higher-end discrete GPU
how can I change the brightness of the keyboard backlight
time(NULL) Returning Inconsistent Values on Macbook Pro
MATLAB's gpuArray; insufficient compute capability
Unable to select last option in pop up eclipse on mac book pro osx
Capture MacBook Pro iSight video with C++
How to programmatically determine native pixel resolution of Retina MacBook Pro screen on OS X?
How to disable Macbook Pro from switching to a high performance graphics card in Cocoa?
Building multiple ports (using macports) at the same time
Is there a way to pause execution of a running Java program in Eclipse on Macbook Pro?
Android ADB fails to display devices on 2011 Macbook Pro
Can't deploy xap to windows phone 7 device using MacBook Pro
Polling the accelerometer/motion sensor in a MacBook Pro
Git repository on a machine with a static IP
On OSX Lion XCode shuts down the MacBook
Vim in OSX: How to paste text from open window into a open file in vim?
Eclipse SVN plugin install fail on mac pro
What are the requirements does it take to get a Adobe air App running On a Ipad?
What's needed to support non-square matrices in GLSL shader?
How can I test for OpenCL compability?
Best solution for running visual studio on os x lion
MacBook Pro crashing - from Android Emulator?
rails3 app stopped working when the first access on mac
ReBinding Right-Alt Key in XEmacs
Cocoa App Renders Differently on Macbook Pro vs Mac Mini
How to develop a website for retina display?
Share Web (Mac OS X 10.7.4) isn't working
How to use Xcode "move-line-up" shortcut on German keyboard of Macbook pro?
Media Queries: Target retina macbook pro only
macbook arch linux refit update partition table not working
Creating Retina-capable programs with Eclipse on MacBook Pro
QT USB hardware ID detection Mac OS 10.8.x and Mac Book (Pro)
How do web browsers deal with compressed resolution?
Creating mark-up for non-retina display on Mac Book Pro with Retina
Prevent OpenGL.framework from Loading in Cocoa App
Does Mac need JDK (5 or 6) or Eclipse for developing Android Apps?
How to activate nVidia cards programmatically on new MacBookPros for CUDA programming?
Is there a way to get the magic mouse or MacBook Pro trackpad to work with the iphone simulator?
vb.net on macbook(bootcamp) text is broken
Touchbar support in python
How Does Xcode Use The Macbook Pro Touchbar?
Creating a Macbook Pro Touchbar .dylib extension
Strategy for using emacs now that Apple removed the escape key?
Error:Could not read cache value from '/Users/gsp/.gradle/daemon/2.10/registry.bin'
Android OpenCV MacOS "Error:error: cannot find -lrt"
How to transfer ios app generated data to macbook?
Connect to a BLE device using MAC ios
Writing to a mac csv not working using python file writter
Error DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. on windows 10 on a macbook (dualboot)
How to read files of the internal drive of MacBook Pro from another Mac OS booted from USB?
Connect to MAMP local server (MacBook) from Windows computer
XCode: how to compare\merge code coverage reports
Macbook pro mid 2010, xcode randomly reboot computer
GNUPlot Does not show anything In Mac Terminal
Jsoup not installed on macbook pro? Class Test has compile errors jsoup
Weird colour rendering in Chrome after macos Sierra
omnett++ installation issues on mac book pro
Strange trouble command line mac mongoDB
Can't connect to mac in visual studio
Netbeans 8.1 is lagging on Macbook Pro Retina running OS X El-Capitan
library geoocode, reshape and dplyr not active on macbook
Silently downloading a .txt file to a macbook's desktop
"Err_Connection_Refused" http sites cannot be opened, unless they're https on chrome browser macbook
phpmyadmin Cannot connect: invalid settings on mac after changing permsion setting in Xammp files to read and write for admin
Can't open JAR files with JRE installed?
Netbeans: Customize Toolbars in Mac Sierra 10.12.4 Not Working
How can I initialize libdc1394 on Docker
How do I download Eclipse on my Mac?
Localhost taking too long to respond MAMP running IPB
Downloaded Python 3.6 but terminal is still saying I'm using python 2.7.12
Docker not able to use all of Macbook's CPU cores
How to delete trello task using keyboard on macbook
Proxy cache refresh issue on Mac Xcode's simulator (MacBook)
Logging MacBook firewall is empty
What is a Minecraft server and how would one hack it?
Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter not found in Swift using getifaddrs()
Gdb debug "terminated exit value: 0" error eclipse on mac
How to use directly function key (F1 - F9) instead of pressing fn + function key in IDE in OSX?
Cannot run docker in macbook white
The connection to adb is down in OSX system
Apache Ant Installation In Mac
Changing the OpenGL Context Version for QGLWidgets in Qt 4.8.6 on OS X
Eclipse Luna on Retina MBP blurry text
SecureCRT vertical scroll speed using Trackpad is too fast on MacBook Pro
Cant access phpMyAdmin after changing the privileges username and password (ERROR1405)
Pixelated endroid emulator on retina screen
Android Emulator GenyMotion(w/ VirtualBox) causes New 13'' Macbook Pro Yosemite 10.10.2 to crash(Resolved)
Up and Right arrows on Mac adds an extra comma and dot
High resource usage while running CodeSchool angular.js tutorial
AVX _mm256_sin_ps missing on OSX i7 AVX2 Retina MacBook Pro
glDrawElementsInstanced freezes or slow down at 18680 instances
How can I download SPSS for macbook?
Why isn't Xcode running on my Macbook Pro?
Capturing frames from macbook isight with PIL
How to set environment variables in Yosemite OSX?
How to list all modules python 2.7 and 3.4 have installed for MacOSX
Python - identify the type of device
How can I enable my MacBook Pro GPU optimization for theano?
docker-machine virtualbox image locations on OSX
Visual studio Code installation failed in OSX El Capitan
Kinect 2 on Mac, The kinect is connected to Hi-Speed USB not SuperSpeed
How to find the location of modules for python3 and debug an ImportError
Setting up the Oracle database on Macbook Pro (OS X Yosemite)
WinObjC in Macbook
Docker pull error: no space left on device
Any way to detect Force Click with Javascript?
macbook can not access apache after edited username
On making a new script " StackTrace: wapi_shm_file_open: shared file [File_Name] open error: Permission denied" appears
OpenCL command queue (CL_QUEUE_OUT_OF_ORDER_EXEC_MODE_ENABLE) not working (MacOS)
A loop unexpectedly goes running infinitely in the Bash script
Start of tomcat failed
Reading pixel color on Bootcamp Windows 8.1
Coding/Running Java in MacBook Pro with Eclipse or NetBeans
Serilized file from Java and sizeof operator in C language (JNI) are unequal
Running windows under virtual box for software development - performance issues?
Rails Console still running after Control-Z
Unable to connect the android device to Windows 7
iOS Simulator changes MacBook tint
Best way to transfer MySQL databases to Mac?
Macbook Pro 15", backspace not working with VIM?
Windows Phone Emulator on MacBook Pro (2013)
MBP Retina Isight and FFmpeg
MPlayer Webcam on Macbook Pro
Incorrect Results - OpenCL on Intel HD 4000
How to go to the first and last line using keyshort with IDEA on macbook pro?
sudo service command not found when installing mongodb
How to use a french MacBook Pro keyboard with Ubuntu?
Pararells + Mac OS + Visual Studio 2013
Use local server of Mac on iPhone
Cant log in to BeagleBone Black's SSH through my Mac?
WebGL: performance of >65k vertex mesh
PANIC: Missing emulator engine program for 'x86' CPUS
Macbook Apache folders
Opening a Keynote Presentation using AppleScript (Keynote 6.5.2)
GetUserMedia not working on Macbook Pro
How do I ensure that Mongo binaries are in my PATH - in my shell' rc (~/.bashrc) on a Mac
Mute Macbook pro when computer is shutting down
How can I push a repository to my computer and my online server?
MAMP on OSX Yosemite - Virtual host name gives 404 error
How to resolve the pipe character "|" not typing in in Xcode text editor?
Permission denied to edit the file in sysroot which used sshfs
Custom font works on a desktop browser not a mobile device
Which video formats works on ipad and Macbook Pro?
VB.NET Application re-sizing by itself?
When adding background image : Error inflating class android.widget.ImageButton
Running GUI apps on docker container with a MacBookPro host
Error:No toolchains found in the NDK toolchains folder for ABI with prefix: arm-linux-androideabi
AnimationDrawable Error on button click
Cannot Move Objects in Design Layout
ImageView Intersect Not being detected
Get Animation List current Image Index
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) run new AS project,cpu 100%
How do I resolve this error when installing Ruby on a Macbook Pro (Mountain Lion) with RVM?
Optimal block size for unrolled linked lists
Compare GCEUs to performance of physical machine (e.g. MacBook Pro)
Ngrok setup an SSL local tunnel to an existing Vhost
How can you test Touch ID for macOS?
Visual Studio Android Emulator internet connection
Update to Sierra 10.12.1, C compilers, Xcode, and grace not working
Can I run Cuda or opencl on intel iris?
Python 3 files are assigned to wrong filename which I specify
Unable to Open my website in Safari
OS X: Launch daemon doesn't start until user logs in
Android studio can not install Support repository and SDK Tools
Which global gitignore am I using?
Dead tab button in Visual Studio 2015
How to determine which hardware I'm running on in MacOSX
Installing Metasoploit Framework on Mac OSX Sierra
Desktop spaces are moving by their own
WebStorm - Turn Power Save Mode off when laptop is charging
"mysql: command not found" even though path is set
OpenLayers 3 and the MacBook Pro high performance GPU
Disable MacBook Pro high performance GPU in a QuickLook plugin
Xamarin.iOS Designer - Creating Action segue not working
install windows 7 on Mac OS sierra
Div inside SVG foreignObject loses its position in Mac Chrome
macOS Sierra Touch Bar Icons Location
Is it possible to run Alea GPU on MacBook Pro in Virtual Machine
Isnt' it possible to run OpenGL 3.0 on Macbok Pro 2015 mid with glfw3?
Is it possible to leverage OS X Touch ID or Watch 2 Factor authentication in a webpage or app?
How do I start mongodb in a different terminal using a script in mac?
Strange autocompletion behavior when typing the word "date"
Why does my code run quicker on my phone than my laptop?
xcode 8 storyboard slow in macbook pro 2016
Installing PHP using Homebrew on MAC
How to install osx sierra on virtualbox (on my mac)
Xamarin Build Error on virtualized Windows Visual Studio on macbook pro
Visual Studio 2017 Installation breaks Windows 10 (on a MacBook Pro)
Java blocks applications on exceptions list
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 "_main"
Selenium Automation through Android Studio on emulators
I installed reFInd on my macbook pro 2016 with --alldrivers and now it powers up with a black screen
Parameters were incorrect when running Selenium?
unable to look up https (port 9418) (nodename nor servname provided, or not known) on git pull request
Scroll animation not work in mac book retina
efilogin-helper running continuously at high cpu on MacBook Pro
Get Android Build from MacBook Pro
MacBook pro track pad events in javascript double finger double tap
Watchman Installation - Setting PATH on Macbook Pro
Create React Native App ScrollView Example Errors
How get an item in control center of Touch Bar on the right?
Create java applications with MacBook Pro touchbar support?
How can i disable the touch bar functionality in Mac through Objective C or Java
How to identify actual touchBar hardware is available in an Mac book using obj c?
What is the shortcut for commenting (block or not) on PhpStorm 2017.1 on a Macbook Pro 2016 (with touchbar)?
How Does Xcode Use The Macbook Pro Touchbar?
Wow JS solution to remove bold text not working on Macbook Pro (Google Chrome)
mamp on mac - start/stop mamp server on schedule to download remote files
Updating Git to official distribution on MacBook Pro Sierra
/usr/libexec/java_home Command
osx local ip redirects to localhost instead
Why does scenebuilder comes blurry when moving items?
Can not connect to J-Link via USB on macOS Sierra
Android OpenCV MacOS "Error:error: cannot find -lrt"
IntelliJ IDEA debugger is too slow to start on macOS
MacBook Pro (13" 2017 2TDB3) won't power up
What architecture of Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 with MacOS Sierra
Zbrush and special characters
IntelliJIDEA high CPU Usage (over 300%)
Compiling c++ with VSCode on Sierra
Share my local servers with my local network devices
Error executing Jupyter command 'notebook': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
Can't open JAR files with JRE installed?
Cannot run docker in macbook white
imac and mbp display nscollectionview different way

  • 14
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Sep 6, 2017 at 16:04
  • Okay @CodyGray. You win. But the scale I was looking at the other day was smaller, thankfully...
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 16:05
  • What'd I win (other than a big list of questions to look through and close/delete)? Sep 6, 2017 at 16:09
  • @CodyGray: Well, that, and a sense of "I told you so Makoto" from the last time we crossed paths on a burnination effort. The last one was so much smaller scale I didn't think we'd run into issues, but this one...yeah... this one... I've learned whatever lesson needs to be learned here.
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 16:10
  • @Makoto some of this questions are on-topic IMHO, but should not be tagged with [macbookpro]. Take a look at this one Sep 6, 2017 at 17:39
  • @VadimKotov: I did say "may"...
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 20:30
  • @Makoto do you mind if I update the list to include 3 sections? They will be: To be deleted, On-topic (can be salvaged), Already deleted Sep 6, 2017 at 20:33
  • @VadimKotov: I'd say stay away from "on-topic" since that implies that they have to stick around (and that's almost subjective), but I don't have a problem with this. I made this post CW for that reason.
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 21:10
  • 1
    I've added a section with closed questions that can be deleted Sep 7, 2017 at 9:07

I've gone through the questions and did a clean-up, retagging (mostly with ) and flagging off-topic questions.
There are no questions tagged with and now. Those tags will be gone in 24 hours.

  • 1
    This question should not have had its tag removed. It should be closed and then deleted instead.
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 15:52
  • 1
    @Makoto It is already closed. Feel free to delete it or ask for help on deleting it Sep 6, 2017 at 15:54
  • 3
    What I'm saying is that it's going to be that much harder to find these questions to effectively clean them up. Fortunately...there's a breadcrumb trail that we can use to track these down, y'know, just in case there were some that needed to be edited or just outright downvoted and deleted.
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 15:56
  • 8
    Ugh, yeah. Please stop single-handedly retagging questions. Sep 6, 2017 at 15:59
  • @Makoto I think it's better to prevent people from tagging off-topic questions with such kind of tags by deleting them instead of waiting for a day when it all will be deleted. SO got rid of homework after all.. Those questions were there open literally for years, and nobody cared. Sep 6, 2017 at 16:00
  • @CodyGray what should I do instead? Could you guide me? Sep 6, 2017 at 16:02
  • 2
    Not that. Put together a list of questions that need to be worked, then keep track of it. Just blanket-editing the tags is going to make it harder for the rest of us to clean things up properly.
    – Makoto
    Sep 6, 2017 at 16:02
  • 1
    That doesn't prevent people from doing anything. It just prevents us from finding bad questions and dealing with them. Yes, sometimes off-topic questions remain open for years and nobody notices them. That's because they aren't actually hurting things. If you are going to go and dig them up, then you need to deal with the problems there. Off-topic questions should not be retagged, they should be closed and deleted. Sep 6, 2017 at 16:03
  • 1
    We usually have an ongoing burnination effort that you can contribute to, if you like. Currently, it's the [entry] tag. See this question. The guidance in the accepted answer is important, and applies to all burnination/retag exercises. Sep 6, 2017 at 16:03
  • @CodyGray Even if the whole tag is off-topic (and this request was upvoted)? Sep 6, 2017 at 16:04
  • 2
    A tag cannot be off-topic; only questions can be off-topic. And off-topic questions need to be closed and deleted. Retagging them prevents us from finding them, so this is counter-productive. Makoto has already made that point. That's why we've got a process for this. People propose tags that need to be cleaned up on Meta, we wait for a consensus to be reached, and then the process is begun. Sep 6, 2017 at 16:08

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