I would like to discuss about what occurs on piece of documentation about std::string Tokenize.

From the edit history we can see :

  • my initial contribution add a simple example based on std::getline
  • next severals contribution add new way to tokenize a string involving more modern C++ release and that's fine
  • the initial sample was removed by this contribution
  • my second contribution restore the initial sample using std::getline
  • the std::getline example was removed again by this contribution

Maybe the user that deleted twice my contribution think that it is useless to use old style method, and that everybody should use last C++ standard.

Should I re-edit the post ?
What do you think ?

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    Quote: "This crap doesn't belong here. There is already a question about this on the site, with more and better answers". It is not like this leaves a lot to the imagination, does it? What do you think it means? Sep 23, 2016 at 11:27

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Garbage in, garbage out. Tokenize is a terrible example; it's way too big and is trying to do way too much. That entire "Strings" topic needs to be broken apart into about 5 actual topics.

If that were done, then we would have several examples about specific ways to tokenize a string. And thus, there would be no need for someone to try to remove your particular example.

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