I've seen that some jobs are "remote" without office location, how can I search for them? I tried to leave the location field empty, and select "allows remote", but in the results I get also companies with a "physical" office location


Unfortunately this is not currently possible. But...

Can you explain what's leading you to want to search for remote jobs with no physical location? This is the first request we've heard of this kind, but if you can help us understand the use case a bit better, we may be able to implement something similar in the future.

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    Looking at the various remote postings, I see some caveats such as time-zones,working permits etc, that led me to the impression that offices without physical location are better organized for the remote working exigences (I must add that I don't have any kind of experience with remote jobs) – lib Sep 22 '16 at 21:21
  • I'll add my two cents here: I live in a rural area and am not interested in moving or commuting. If I were to take a new job (not actively interested at the moment), I would only be looking for remote opportunities. (Technically, I would also be looking for local, physical locations; however, given my location, those are exceedingly unlikely to be posted on SO.) (Found this question linked from here ) – Mark Peterson Apr 18 '17 at 11:41

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