To check out what robo-reviews have wrought in the R tag, I'm looking at the activity tab.

Unfortunately, none of the links here are terribly informative. For each "edit" action in this list, I have to click three times to actually view the edit. What gives?

More generally, I think that the display in the activity tab need improvement. Really, I'd like to see the text of the edit summary here. Amazingly, even that info is buried three clicks deep.


Starting with the next build, there will be a "view change" link alongside every activity that goes directly to the proposed change behind it.



[<>] HypnoGenX edited 50 State Maps and Advanced Choropleths with Google Viz (view topic)

1 hour ago • Fixed typo.

  • Thanks, yup, that's the info I'd expect to see.
    – Frank
    Sep 15 '16 at 16:05

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