I was browsing through some Documentation tags, when I stumbled upon the performance documentation. There have been absolutely zero changes ever since it was created (over a month ago). Should it be removed? Or more generally, should any topics in Documentation with no actual information be removed after some time?

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    zero documentation at least indicates to users that it is recognized as a topic, but no one has volunteered the effort. I like place holders, but I understand not everyone does ;-). Will be interested to see what happens with this Q. Good luck to all. – shellter Sep 10 '16 at 3:07
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    In my opinion, empty documentations show that people gave up trying to write it; it shows a lack of effort (to me). I think that people who commit to a topic (5 people must commit to it for it to be formed) should be required to contribute something to the documentation. – Neil A. Sep 10 '16 at 5:09
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    In my view, zero documentation is about people that just through it was cool to have documentation about that tag, not that they are particularly interested in writing them. When I commit to a tag, I should fulfill that commitment. – Braiam Sep 10 '16 at 18:08
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    Also, the string tag is just the same. It should be just closed and forgotten. I don't know what the 5 folks supporting the proposal thought why string will be of any use... – ppeterka Sep 10 '16 at 19:21
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    It might indicate that, like me, someone tried to write documentation on the topic and got so many unhelpful comments from robotic copy-editors that they decided to give up. – Michael Kay Sep 10 '16 at 19:21
  • @MichaelKay doubtful, since nobody has ever reviewed a single IR/suggested edit over those tags – Braiam Sep 10 '16 at 19:29
  • @MichaelKay with a sincere, honest and deep bow towards your professional qualities, and all due respect: you stopped exploring something at the first discomfort - and yet you put vast efforts into expressing your resentment. I am not anywhere near you regarding the depth of your knowledge, and I will most likely never ever be - yet I have to suggest you to reconsider what you experienced with the Docs site. I think somebody like you can shrug off a snide remark by a robot. At the same time, could you please elaborate on what meaningful examples would "Performance" have? – ppeterka Sep 10 '16 at 19:31
  • Perhaps the same as [windbg]. Simply too few people there to approve edits. And, frankly, who needs debugging and who needs performance? Everyone knows how that works. We need more PHP documentation, because php.net doesn't do it right. We need C# documentation, because MSDN is crappy. We need Java documentation, because it's from Oracle. – Thomas Weller Sep 10 '16 at 20:00
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    @ThomasWeller what real world examples would be in those two tags? Please explain? These two - performance and debugging - are basic concepts, that can not be documented through examples to not be overly specific. C#, Java and the "overly documented" rest can - but IMHO are not. And when even documented, it is tough to get to the point. This is what Docs is about. Not a(nother) book. – ppeterka Sep 10 '16 at 20:49
  • @ppeterka: Not another book? Using a C# extension method is a 5298 byte example. It prints on 5 pages when I paste it into Word. Why document C#? C# is already overly specific today. People would rather understand concepts instead of languages. C# and Java are roughly exchangeable. Why document two times? – Thomas Weller Sep 10 '16 at 20:58
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    @ThomasWeller You are in a misconception about Docs. And that is a wrong example needing a huge reformat (and not the only one at that). Docs is not an educational site, and was never intended as one. IMHO it is sort of a cheatsheet for professionals who know the concepts, know what they want, but don't want to bother 1000+ pages of useless babble to find out how to use a certain type of encryption, etc. Yep, there are API docs, full of valuable stuff showing a verbal "contract" for the methods, but at least in Java - many constitute a lot of characters and not a lot of content. – ppeterka Sep 10 '16 at 21:14
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    @ppeterka I do not see why you insist on attacking everyone who has a negative opinion about SOD - especially Thomas's example as that did pertain to this discussion about tags without topics. Since you have started this though: the main problem still is that SOD is not defined ("It will be defined by us creating it") except in a generic way regarding "examples" which gives no real guidance, has been discussed to death, and is still wrong in a number of peoples opinions. Mine included and yes I have been actively trying to improve it and no I have no hope left for it. – LinkBerest Sep 11 '16 at 12:33
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    @ppeterka "you stopped exploring something at the first discomfort" - yes, it made me aware that the site designers had a very different vision from mine about how documentation should work, and therefore it wasn't worth participating. – Michael Kay Sep 11 '16 at 15:47
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    Performance of what? – Laurel Sep 11 '16 at 21:33
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    @Laurel - doing the right questions since '16 – Braiam Sep 12 '16 at 0:37

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