Since we hit 1,000 rep, we become the Established user and one of the feaures we can use is the view vote to see the ratio of down-votes and up-votes.

Unlike the case of voting on suggested synonyms, where is just a number. I have proposed a tag synonym and its current state is pending (2), and after clicking on that tag, I see only the number 2 between two arrows the same like on questions/answers, but without possibility to see the ratio.

For me it's a bit difference to see the ratio:

  • 2 up-votes vs 0 down-votes
  • 18 up-votes vs 16 down-votes

Despite the count is same, the number of people participated varies.

Does it make sense to add this feature? In my opinion it does. I often wonder if the number remains same or if there is something hidden behind.



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