In the Stack Snippets interface, links that are .snippet-result a - which is to say

  • the .popout-code a.snippet-expand-link "Expand snippet" link seen at the start and "Return to post" link seen after clicking "Expand snippet",
  • the .popout a "Full page" link seen after clicking "Run code snippet",
  • and the .popin a "Close" button on seen after clicking "Full page"

can't be selected with the tab key.

Compare them to the button.btn-clear "Hide results" link seen after clicking "Run code snippet", which is tab-selectable.

This is reproducible in the latest Chrome, FF, and (with tab link navigation turned on) Safari.

As far as I've noticed, every other visible clickable thing on an SO page is tab-selectable. Can we tweak these links so they are too?


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