I'm currently on 72 reputation points. However, when I logged in just now it seems I have been awarded the privilege early. It says here that I shouldn't expect that level of privilege until my reputation is >= 75.

What's going on here? Is this a common bug, or have I missed something?


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It shows here, you don't have the privilege:

enter image description here

Which means that the reason in @Glorfindel's comment is most likely the cause of it:

Perhaps somebody upvoted one of your answers (putting your reputation at 82 and triggering the message), and then changed his/her mind and canceled the upvote.

A transient upvote of one of your posts would've taken it to 77 (for a question) or 82 (for an answer), triggering the notification for the privilege. Or possibly an answer accepted then unaccepted.


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