It looks like there is an asset loaded from stackoverflow.com that is breaking the HTTPS configuration, causing the site to be flagged with the mixed content warning (hence downgraded to insecure).

The culprit is probably a banner, loaded from http://engine.adzerk.net/ (notice the http: and not https:).

Mixed content error


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We're on it!

We see those issues as well, and we're working with our ad server to get this addressed. It will take time, and it will only apply to new tag sponsorships in the future. Updating every tag sponsorship on the site would take an incredible amount of effort. Some of the larger tags (, for example) will be taken care of, though.

I'll post an update here when we have one.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Status update: our ad server won't be able to automate this for us, so we're looking into other ways to get this done.


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