I've been finding myself clicking links to articles, and then finding I've a draft pending.

This gets me "stuck" in "edit mode" until I either publish or discard the draft.

But there's no way for me to see what changes I've made, if any, because I can only see the "render view" ( How to navigate out of draft view )

But I don't even know what I changed, or why there's a draft in the first place.

  1. I don't wish to delete the draft, because I may have made useful edits and then forgotten about them ( but there's no way for me to see this )
  2. I don't want to publish them, because I may have made useless edits and then intended to discard them, but not ( again, no way to see )

So I'm basically stuck with a decision I can't make due to lack of data.


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There is a workaround to see the diff:

  1. Save the draft;
  2. go to the dashboard, and copy the URL of the link to your draft (https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/whatever/drafts/12345);
  3. log out, or use your browser's private/incognito mode;
  4. go to that URL.

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