On initial load the chat page used to scroll to the bottom to see the latest message, this doesn't happen anymore and stays at the top.

Initial load: enter image description here

When a new message is posted it used to scroll to the latest message, this no longer happens either and I have to scroll down to see the latest post.

After a new message:

enter image description here

There are no console errors and it even happens in incognito mode where extensions are disabled. I've tried emptying the cache and doing a hard-reload too.

Running it on Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m on Windows 10

The problem doesn't seem to exist on Chrome Canary (55).

I've just updated to Chrome 61 and this has started happening again.

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This has been fixed, not sure when or how.

Edit: Fixed again: AutoScroll on chat exchange doesn't work in chrome 61

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