This is what I am trying to Edit - https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/python/809/compatibility-between-python-3-and-python-2#

Look for True False or None

I noticed the versions are just mentioned but are not added as a markup so I tried doing the same however but it's popping up error Version is not valid in this context. Not sure What is causing that.

Sample Code which I formatted:

<!-- if version <Python 2.x> [gte > 2.0] -->
    True, False = False, True
    True   # False
    False  # True
<!-- end version if -->

You can't do this with `None` since Python 2.4.

<!-- if version <Python 2.x> [gte 2.4] -->
    None = None  # SyntaxError: cannot assign to None
<!-- end version if -->

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    gte > 2.0? Maybe remove the `>’? – Jed Fox Aug 31 '16 at 10:51
  • yes that was the issue, thx – garg10may Aug 31 '16 at 11:44

Your problem seems to be this line:

<!-- if version <Python 2.x> [gte > 2.0] -->

The problem is the > in [gte > 2.0]. To fix, replace with this line:

<!-- if version <Python 2.x> [gte 2.0] -->

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