When I look at this example: https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/c%2b%2b/462/metaprogramming/8524/manual-distinction-of-types-when-given-any-type-t#t=201608251327329551285, I see the following:

enter image description here

In the second list (the one that is not numbered), the font size of the code blocks is bigger than in the first list. If I am not wrong, the correct size if the first one (13px), while the second one seems to inherit the default font size for text on documentation (14px).

Note that in the preview, the output is correct (both code blocks have a font size of 13px).

I am using Firefox ESR 38.5.0.

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It looks like the issue is that that second piece of code isn't wrapped in a <p> element.

The CSS responsible for setting the (proper) size on the first bit is:

.example p code, .remarks p code {
    font-size: 13px;

However, there's no <p> in the tree between li.example and <code>, for the unordered list. For some reason, the first (ordered) list does add paragraph element in each li, while the second (unordered) list doesn't:

enter image description here

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