I just start trying to use documentation, and I'm looking around for see how it works. What I see in some cases is that some simple edits in popular topics seems in my opinion that boost reputation too much.

I don't want to put a concrete user or a topic because I try to avoid the meta-effect... but to illustrate the case I show some related data.

The edit itself is the addition of the follow text:

according to java conventions,

looking at the user reputation tab it looks that this edit represents a gain of more than 1200 rep points (I don't count the exactly total).

This discourage me a bit, since I make some effort answering some questions which aren't even accepted or upvoted; but edits like this on documentation suppose a lot of rep.

The other thing is like the edits on a other person high-rep answer not represent any gain of reputation for the editor, how is this so different in documentation?

Maybe I'm totally wrong and this is an isolated case or could be that I don't see correctly the edit or I don't see the whole point but I think that some must change for this kind of little edits.

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