Following my Did I just lose my hard-worked Newly Created Topic?, I am trying to delete my dead drafts, which can be mostly found here.

How to do that? I tried going to the relevant topic, for example C Language, go to the dashboard and under My Drafts at the right of the screen, there is nothing but an empty list


What do you mean by "dead" in this case?

The dashboard only shows drafts that haven't been submitted as a proposed change.

The profile shows all drafts ever made, even ones that have been approved or rejected. I'm open to changing that behaviour, but I can also see the flip side - how do I get back to a change I previously submitted that was rejected?

Maybe we should only show drafts in progress in the user profile under "topic drafts" and show all proposed changes, not just ones that are currently in review. I'm open to any and all feedback here.

  • Adam, thanks for the answer. I see your point. Well, in my case, in my linked question I had created a nice topic, which gone missing, because I had 10 drafts. That's why I am trying to clear this queue. If you know a way to find back my topic, let me know in the other question. Back to this question: There are some drafts that are published in other topics, I don't see why the need to be here as well, but if this too specific for me, then leave it as it is. :) – gsamaras Aug 18 '16 at 22:34
  • Maybe, maybe, we could identify in the document draft tab whenever the draft was rejected, approved, pending (it was submitted for review) or... I don't know how to describe the limbo that is "I have this thing, but it isn't ready yet". – Braiam Aug 18 '16 at 22:53

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