I've opted-in for a Documentation proposal a while back that I believe should never be made, which has gained more support since. (I must also add, the sidebar did advertise a tag for it! I blame big suggestive buttons and coffee).

CodeIgniter 3 Documentation Proposal

The reason I think it should never be made, as it's very version specific. All documentation for CodeIgniter should canonically sit within:

CodeIgniter Documentation

However I don't see a button anywhere, please correct me if I'm mistaken but I don't want to be responsible for bloating the new Docs with dead tags! :)

Unless of course, later down the line - certain topics will be closed for reasons such as duplication etc.

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    This seems to be missing the root problem. Allowing user-moderation based tag merges seems to be the better solution over opting out of a tag. – Vogel612 Aug 18 '16 at 11:51

I fixed the problem by creating an alias from (and ) to in Documentation. We'll need to look into putting this in the hands of the community if these cases proliferate. But for now, a meta question should do the trick.

  • Thank you for that :) I understand it's all very early days! – MackieeE Aug 18 '16 at 20:07

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