A person who answered a question just copied a comment of another person below the question, and wrote it as an answer. Should it be flagged?

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  • Is there a link to that answer? – Alon Eitan Aug 17 '16 at 14:35
  • I would like to share a link, but I think it would be kind of rude, because I am not sure about it. – Parviz Karimli Aug 17 '16 at 14:42
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    In my opinion there's nothing wrong with that as long as the credit is given to the one who commented. An answer has more visibility than a comment, so if it actually answers the question it may even be a good practice. After a few minutes/hours though, not 10seconds after the comment popped. – Tim Aug 17 '16 at 14:48
  • @TimF no, there is no credit given to the one who commented. And the answer was published 21 hours later than the comment was published. – Parviz Karimli Aug 17 '16 at 15:04


If a user just provides a comment without bothering to answer then there is no answer and Stack Overflow is about Questions and Answers.

Comments are ephemeral by design and may be deleted at any point.

Providing an actual answer using the comment as a basis is acceptable BUT you should include the origin of the answer by way of attribution.

See Also: Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments (or extended in chat)


Thanks to @rene for pointing out that Attribution is required by the CC-BY-SA Licence

Non-code contributions will continue to be available for use under the terms of CC-BY-SA

“Reasonable attribution” is now required by end users of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.

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    Aren't comments part of the same CC-BY-SA license with attribution required? – rene Aug 17 '16 at 14:51
  • Thanks, they are indeed although I don't think it's explicit on comments. – Paulie_D Aug 17 '16 at 14:56
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    I just qualified myself to be an lawyer... my mother would be so proud ... – rene Aug 17 '16 at 14:59
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    What if the answer is copied word by word from a comment left by another user with 0 attribution or credit? – I haz kode Jun 30 '17 at 2:38

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