For example this one:

Using TypeScript with webpack

resurrected 1 examples (invalid)  
Allow loader to handle .ts and .tsx files.  
STATUS:   Awaiting approval
This draft cannot be approved as it is in an invalid state.

The only available action now for this change is 'Reject' which does not seem right because it does not even show what is in that resurrected example

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Yup; so it turns out that we had a bug in the code that runs when one proposal is approved that is meant to check for competing pending approvals, and checks for conflicts. If there is an fundamental conflict, the other proposals are meant to be automatically rejected as being in a conflicted state. The code was close, but it accidentally tripped over one scenario, where proposal A is moving an example, and proposal B is editing an example in the context of a draft. It should have marked B as unmergeable, but it didn't. In this scenario, the change from your question is B; it is an edit from 2016-07-23 11:30:52.070 (with the proposal created 2016-07-23 11:34:43.833) to topic 2024, editing example 6621 ("Install and configure webpack + loaders"). However, example 6621 isn't there any more; it is now on topic 2860. It was moved on July 24th.

Basically, this situation should have been resolved automatically, but: it wasn't. The bug that allowed this has been fixed, but we have not automatically revoked those proposals; but just the same as if they had been automatically revoked, it will need manual fixing. But it felt inherently wrong to have a GET request that revoked it on discovery.

The reason it "does not even show what is in that resurrected example" is because this is truly a broken scenario; I could have changed the UI to make it fetch all the additional data, but it felt redundant since it isn't meant to happen, and should now go away once the affected proposals have worked their way through. But on the plus side, until yesterday it wouldn't have loaded at all.

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