When viewing a previous version of Documentation, like this one, the month appears lowercase in the notice that it's a previous version:

For those who cannot see this image, it says:

Icon You're viewing this topic as it existed aug 5 at 13:44.

The month is supposed to be uppercase in proper English grammar.

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This is a fun find; the code responsible has been in use for ages, but almost all uses of this particular "render a relative date in a small amount of space" helper are on dev/admin/moderator pages, which is probably why it has never come up as a huge problem (especially on english.se ;p). Other public-facing examples:

The reasoning for the lower-case here is almost certainly "to take the least possible horizontal space", but it is kinda wrong, and since we've added internationalization in a lot of places, we've had to do the work to make the layout friendlier to different-width text, so I think we can just remove to "lowercase" part without consequence. This would also make it a lot more consistent with other places where we leave the capitalization intact.

I'm going to tweak the code for now, but pending further discussion internally I might have to roll it back if there are genuine layout / stylistic reasons for the choice.

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