In trying to garner support for a Documentation Proposal against a fairly niche tag, I'm using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer to identify potential committers through the following Potential Documentation Proposal Committers query:

    MAX(u.DisplayName) AS [User Name], 
    'http://stackoverflow.com/users/' + LTRIM(STR(MAX(a.OwnerUserId))) AS [Profile URL], 
    MAX(u.LastAccessDate) AS [Last on Stack], 
    MAX(u.Reputation) AS Reputation, 
    MAX(a.Score) AS [Highest Score], 
    SUM(a.Score) AS [Total Score]
    Posts AS a
    Posts AS q
    ON q.Id = a.ParentId
    Users AS u
    ON u.Id = a.OwnerUserId
    q.Tags LIKE N'%visual-studio-lightswitch%' AND 
    a.PostTypeId = 2 /*Answer*/ AND
    a.Score > 0 /*With at least 1 positively scored answer - could this be >= 0?*/ AND
    u.Reputation >= 150 /*Must have 150 reputation*/ AND
    DATEDIFF(month, u.LastAccessDate, GETDATE()) < 18 /*Active on SO in the last 18 months*/
    MAX(u.Reputation) DESC

However, I'd just like to clarify if an answer with a score of zero is regarded as positive or not in the context of meeting the following commit criteria:

With at least 1 positively scored answer

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  • You can SELECT Users.Id as [User Link] to get nice user links. – Athari Aug 13 '16 at 18:31
  • @Squidward That's neat, thanks. As this is my first foray into using the data explorer, can you recommend any good pages covering tips like this? – Chris Cook Aug 13 '16 at 18:37
  • data.stackexchange.com/help – Athari Aug 13 '16 at 18:51

No, zero doesn't count as positive in this case. a.Score > 0 is correct.

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