The framework is composed by several different gems (libs):

  • ActiveRecord
  • ActionMailer
  • ActionPack
  • and more

Unfortunately, ActiveRecord is also a design pattern. The result is that the tag is very confusing as of today. The majority of discussions are actually related to the Rails library. However, was also created, probably trying to disambiguate the meaning of the tag.

A similar confusion is arising for , where apparently there is both a Ruby and .NET library called actionmailer.

Then we have , , , , and, of course, .

The current state is not only very confusing, but it will become even harder to manage for Documentation as both the activerecord and actionmailer tag will likely attract different kind of contents.

How do you suggest to handle it? Should rails-activerecord and activerecord be merged? What about the disambiguation between the topics? And what about actionmailer?

  • Dear down-voter, do you care to explain the reason of it? Aug 9, 2016 at 15:48


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