Why can't I handle an improvement request on an example if I made one myself—for something that I can't handle obviously?


  • first request asks for A
  • my request asks for B (I made the request so obviously I can't handle that part)

In that case, if I know about A, I should be able to handle that part separately—and eventually get the reward for it.

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I made the request so obviously I can't handle that part

... why not? As far as I'm concerned, an improvement request is just a todo list. And there's no reason why you can't decide later to take the time that you couldn't take before.

I see no reason not to allow users to satisfy improvement requests all they want.

Just stop giving them rep for it.

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    True; that's just not the problem at hand though. – Knu Aug 9 '16 at 3:30
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    If you're allowed to answer your own questions, you ought to be able to handle your own improvement requests. – Jeffrey Bosboom Aug 9 '16 at 5:12

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