I've seen many questions tagged on Meta that have a negative score. It seems strange to me that a bug report can be good or bad, and people can agree or disagree with a bug report. What are the reasons for downvoting a bug report on Meta?

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When it:

...does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful

That's the standard hover text, with no exception for bug reports.

A bug report may fall under that umbrella when:

  • We can't understand what they're saying (plz xcuze mah ngrsh)
  • The behavior is not a bug (I got a question ban, but I deleted all my bad questions!)
    • This generally falls under "lack of research"
  • The behavior is a bug that we all know, but are tired of hearing about (Giant S's).
    • Also may be considered "lack of research"
  • The whims of individuals (voting is anonymous and they don't need to give an explanation)

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