According to https://stackoverflow.com/help/documentation-add-tags

In order for a tag to have documentation, it must have at least 500 questions and 10 committed users with at least 150 reputation and 1 positively scored answer in a tag .

According to comments to What did I just commit to? commit is actually a vote to create the documentation for the tag (available to users with some knowledge of the tag).
Should it just be named "Vote to create the tag"?

I found windows-azure-storage Documentation Proposal https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/windows-azure-storage, but there is no way to say that I want to have such documentation.

What to do if I don't have positively scored answer in the tag but want to see documentation, because I fill that vendor documentation is not good enough?

What to do if I have an idea for an example, but the tag is a proposal yet?

  1. I suggest to have an option "Vote to create the tag?" that will be allowed for any user. Users with the proved knowledge in the tag can have bigger number of votes.
    For example, to create a tag it would be required 10 normal votes, but vote of the user with at least 1 positively scored answer in the tag considered as 2 normal (the actual figures can be different).
    Minimum requirement of 500 questions can be decreased/removed if number of votes exceed 15 (again numbers can be different)
  2. Another button "Register for contribution" should be added and when proposal will be approved, the user will receive notification, that tag is ready for topics/examples creation. Number of people wanting to contribute also should be considered when tag is open for documentation.
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    You're using your terms wrong. "Topics" exist within a "tag". You commit to "tag"s, not "topics". Windows Azure Storage is a tag, not a topic. Jul 31, 2016 at 15:02
  • @NicolBolas: thanks, indeed I mixed them. I've rewrote the suggestion to use Tag term correctly Aug 1, 2016 at 11:00