Recently I am observing I get lots of inbox alerts only for Documentation review or new requests for improvement of existing articles. I know it's aligned with other Stack Overflow notifications.

However I am getting distracted from Q&A notifications which I get generally by answering or commenting on posts.

Is there any feature which turns off notifications for Documentation only for a certain period of time?

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    What sort of notifications are you talking about? Turning off rep changes or badges, for example, isn't possible. But you can tweak the settings for other notifications (proposed changes, improvement requests, etc.) from the dashboard of the Documentation tag you're looking at. – Adam Lear Jul 28 '16 at 4:09

These notifications are controlled per tag: go to the dashboard of the tag (e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/c%23?tab=summary). Three widgets (Requested Topics, Needs Improvement and Proposed Changes) each have their own notification settings (e.g. 'Once a day'), which you can change by clicking on them.

enter image description here

You'll have to re-enable them manually though; there's no way to make these 'mutes' auto-expire.

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