The killer that made me join SO a couple of years ago was its tour. It was the best webpage I ever visited. Accordingly, the first page I visited in documentation was the tour, and it was a bit anti-climatic to me. I suspect a lot of folks feel the same.

I propose we discuss what can be changed in the tour to remove this anti-climax.

Lets look at its organisation (titles):

  1. Welcome to Stack Overflow Documentation

  2. Anyone can contribute/Anyone can give feedback

  3. What's different from Q&A?

  4. How is Documentation organized?

  5. It's all about examples.

  6. You decide how to make documentation most helpful

  7. Ready to help?

Lets compare with SO tour:

  1. Welcome to Stack Overflow

  2. Ask questions, get answers, no distractions

  3. Get answers to practical, detailed questions

  4. Tags make it easy to find interesting questions

  5. You earn reputation when people vote on your posts

  6. Improve posts by editing or commenting

  7. Unlock badges for special achievements

  8. Find a question to answer, or ask your own

Do you see the difference? In SO, there is a clear workflow: you ask questions, you get answers, you search using tags, you get rep for contributing. I struggle to see a workflow in the tour of the documentation. My claim is that the tour should be action oriented, with clear goals and rewards.

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