There are many posts regarding the illogical ordering and mess of topics. Some example meta posts are:

I am proposing an idea of adding some sort of table of content or tag outline section to the Introductory Getting Started topic.

How will it work?

This section would basically be a list of links to all the topics, organized in a sensible manner. How the topics are organized will depend on what makes sense for each tag. Some possible organization methods:

  • Starts with the beginner level topics and move on to more advanced topics
  • Create groups of related topics
  • Make some sort of hierarchy tree with nested sub-topics

What problems it will solve?

  • Make it clear to beginner where to start and how to procede in order to master a topic.
  • Make it easier for all users to find specific topics
  • This can be a place to define some sort of hierarchy and nest sub-topics which is definitely a current problem. (This might also help with the problem of duplicate examples in similar topics if people can clearly see that one topic is sub another topic.)
  • Lower the number of duplicate topics created since you will be able to see a clear list of what topics already exist.
  • Easier to see and catch inconsistencies in topic names.

Quick Example using some Microsoft SQL Server topics:



Creating, Modifying and Removing Databases and Tables:

Basic Keywords:

Advance Keywords:

Clauses, Functions and Methods:

  • Having worked for a long time with DITA (documentation framework), I would suggest introducing something like a ditamap to Documentation. It's really just a table of contents... not much more than an index.html that points to other topics. dita.xml.org/what-dita-map Commented Aug 3, 2016 at 12:53


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