I'm working on Git documentation; a project for which there are a lot of releases, many of them minor ("5" in 2.3.5) releases. The versions table is already quite long with only major ("3" in 2.3.5) releases.

Many useful features were released in these minor point releases. I'd like to be able to use the inline version syntax to cleanly show that a command is only available in. For example, git fetch --unshallow is only available in >= 1.8.3. However, I'd rather not make the versions table a mile long.

With that in mind, I'd propose that we allow collapsing minor versions into major versions in the versions table. It could look like this:

enter image description here

Could use some designer magic to make it look decent, but I think the basic idea is good.

tl;dr: It's good to have all versions available for use with inline version markdown; but it's not good to pollute the versions table with them. Fix this by making them collapsible in the versions table.

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