I'm building a forum where users will post an ad for other users to buy. But with other users also posting their ads, how do I make sure the ads do not go un-noticed?

I was wondering about how Stack Overflow handles this situation. Unlike Quora, where you can ask some people to answer the question, how do people get notified about the new questions?

I generally ask questions related to Python, which get answered within minutes (at most 10 minutes), not just by one person but generally 4-5 people.

Since Stack Overflow is a gigantic Q&A website, how does it make sure that the question asked does not lost with other thousands of questions being posted at the very same time?

Also, sometimes I get an answer for a question which was posted years back. How do people stumble upon that question again?

I basically want to understand the algorithm they use which makes the question more visible and how/why do people respond.

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    "How do people stumble upon that question again?" - they find it by having the same problem, that's the point of building a library of Q&A. – jonrsharpe Jul 24 '16 at 21:11

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