I have this SO answer which is quite detailed and I wrote it as a mini-tutorial. IMHO, it fits (maybe with minor touches) to serve as a documentation example.

To make matters more interesting, how about converting a tag wiki into a documentation example? The wiki of bsxfun is basically a list of small examples...

Is there a way to "convert" an existing answer to a document example?
Or, can I post a "link only" example in documentation?
Should this be a "feature" of posting an answer as an example?

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    There is no way to convert it. If it's your answer, you can decide whether you want to reproduce it in full, or add a summary with a link to the original. (Either way, I suggest removing the "Welcome to Stack Overflow" meta-stuff from the top of the answer.) – Cody Gray Jul 24 '16 at 10:43