Currently there is an improvement request in the Java "need improvement" tab (Minimal inheritance example).

This request links to https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/improvement-requests/view/87/2867 which results in Page Not Found.

There is a more recent improvement request that is 19h old.

It seems that this request has already been handled in this edit: https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/proposed/changes/41584

The relevant review happened 18 h ago, see user's actions: https://stackoverflow.com/users/6392939/ramenchef?tab=documentation&sort=all&page=2

Yet it hasn't been removed after 18 hours.

Running a cleanup script, if there is one, every 18+ hours is IMHO not nearly enough for such a frequently used tab.

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Hard to tell what went wrong at the time at this point.

Either way, I fixed up that particular request so it should no longer appear on the dashboard, and the corresponding proposed change should be all good as well.

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