I have the case of a library which have 4 versions, the last of which having gone through a rewrite (say only 60% of the API is similar, and the innerworkings have completely changed).

My question is :

  • is it better to request a documentation tag per version?
  • is there a way to address versioning when posting an example or else on the documentation site? Like when you post anything, you can put the version which applies. Or you can make a search on docs for a given version.
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    <!-- if version [gt x.y] --> new awesomeness <!-- end version if --> <!-- if version [lt x.y] --> not so awesome anymore <!-- end version if -->
    – Braiam
    Jul 23, 2016 at 15:10

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You wouldn't request a documentation tag per version.

Frameworks like .NET, platforms like iOS, and languages like Python or Swift all have multiple versions, yet they are each documented under a single tag.

You should use the version feature to specify the version which is documented.

Here's an example from the documentation.

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