I made an improvement request that was addressed by this edit. The edit itself addressed my request, but it could have been a bit better formatted by differentiating between versions using inline versioning. However, I'm not able to say anything about it by commenting, propose edits to that draft, or approve or reject the edit. As a new user, my only option is to wait. That strikes me as a bit "fire and forget" — I can request an edit, but I can do nothing about it afterwards — and I believe new users should be able to at least leave comments on improvements that are made in response to their own improvement requests (unless there's a better way for them to provide feedback to whomever is addressing their improvement request).

The only way I found to fix that (aside from waiting 'till someone approved the edit and then proposing my own on top of it), was to propose an improvement myself — not with the intention of taking reputation from the user who had suggested the other improvement, but of fixing it (in fact, I pointed to the other improvement in mine's summary).

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