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There is an WPF hello world example for which I first created improvement request and then edited this example. In all topics tab they are exist and point to different links: improvement and edit.

Two links

Edit link working good, but improvement link open the same link with parameter: link. Moreover, improvement is missing in dashboard and I can't even open it from anywhere.


I found this question with similar bug, but the answer does not match my case... Now to get current status of this improvement?


Before my edit approved, I saw label (in the head of example) that current version of page is visible only for me until it would approved.

But recently my edit was approved, label disappeared and... my improvement request label appeared in the same place! And it is still absence in dashboard.

improvement label

Can anyone explain this behavior? Are we don't allowed to improve example while there are some pending changes on it?

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    Similar situation here, I edited a topic, and now I cannot do independent improvement requests on the same topic, because I get the page of my previous pending edit, which does not allow to do improvement requests. I wonder if this is by design or a bug. – jmmut Jul 22 '16 at 10:59

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