With documentation running wild, I joined the fun and added an example. I later checked back and noticed that someone had deleted it. Since the user is neither a moderator, nor a gold-tag-badge possessor, I was a little surprised that he could delete the topic single-handedly.

Who has the powers to delete a topic?

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Basically, anyone can delete an example. These becomes available under two circumstance:

  • Someone flags your example, then the flag is reviewed and the post edited or deleted. Like everything edition and deletion needs someone to vouch for them, in the case of deletion it needs the approval of two users.
  • Someone initiates a move request. The move is treated as a single "improvement", and needs 3 approvals, 1 from the destination and two from the deletion.

tl;DR, as long as two users vouch for you, you can basically delete any topic.

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